A gingivectomy is the removal of gingiva (gum tissue). This procedure is usually indicated for visibility and accessibility of a tooth or teeth to maintain proper oral hygiene at home and during your dental cleaning appointments.

Some indications for a gingivectomy are:

  • To reduce or eliminate deep pockets
  • To remove excessive or undesirable gum pigmentation
  • To remove excessive gum tissue that has progressed over time (known as gingival overgrowth)
  • To remove periodontal abscesses that are above the bone level
  • To allow for the placement of orthodontic brackets

It is important to note that although a gingivectomy may be performed, the tissue may grow back if the source of the problem is not managed. On your first visit, Dr. Cohen will discuss which treatment option(s) is/are right for you, and will education you  and address your concerns and your questions.